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The aim of this essay is to compare and contrast why writing is important but with a special emphasis on whether it is writing for work or for leisure purposes. It is important to figure out what one would like to write about before writing to yield the best results. Writing for leisure only serves to satisfy an individual’s self-aggrandizement. Writing for leisure should be filled with the topics that one loves and which do not necessarily have to appeal to the needs of opinions, emotions and experiences can all be seen in the writing (Kiriakos, Marie, and Tienari 2017 p. 266). Writing is good because it enables the mind to Writing to me is like a gymkhana work out, it is addictive in that when doing it, you experience difficulty but when you are done writing, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction (Pfeiffer 2018 p. 70).


According to the chapter 3. 6 comparison and contrast, the writing for leisure does not usually follow a particular template. Writing for work requires that certain organization or industry specific templates are used in order to communicate the information in writing (Yu-Whattam 2020 p. 8). The leisure writing may only be effected by ensuring there is adequate emphasis on the leisurely part of it. While some people write fiction books, inspirational books, biographies, sci-fi movies, for fun, others have turned this leisurely activities into full time careers.

Target audience

He target audience play an important role in ensuring that there is adequate provision for all the information required. While in leisure writing it may be okay to leave the audience in suspense since it is part of the fun of it, work writing requires furnishing the other party with all the required information in writing to enable them make the right decision for the good of the whole organization.

When writing for work, there is a communication channel that should be followed. Even though some organizations have an open door policy, most other organizations have strict communication channels (Yu-Whattam 2020 p. 7). An employee may have an issue with the organization where she or he works, the wordings should be channeled towards the right department for instance the comments, compliments, and suggestions. It gives opportunity for one to put down their original and unique ideas which remains in their name as legacy (Kiriakos, Marie, and Tienari 2017 p. 268). Writing is good when shared because it gives a satisfaction when someone else can qualify your writing for instance a student writing to get marks from a professor, a start-up writing a business plan to get funding from bank (Liu 2018 p. 90). The same applies to a father writing a will to share his wealth with his dependents, and team leader writing down a program of events (Kiriakos, Marie, and Tienari 2017 p. 275). The only time writing may not be made public is government secret intelligence and may be when one is writing his own secrets (Yu-Whattam 2020 p. 7). Writing creates a bias because you write what you know since it may be impossible to write about what you do not know (Pfeiffer 2018 p. 70). Writing is one of the most important activities for human growth and development (Yu-Whattam 2020 p. 7). Writing is important because it helps put our thinking into perspective (Liu 2018 p. 90). It enables the realization of where we are, the direction we want to take and the intended destination (Yu-Whattam 2020 p. 7). Without writing, we may not have a clue of some of the important historical events that have happened long before we were born (Liu 2018 p. 90).

Legal implications of writing

The importance of writing cannot be underestimated in the legal aspects. It is not easy to win a case when one does not have adequate evidence to execute their cases. The law enforcement officers may require the accuser and the accused to write their statements (Yu-Whattam 2020 p. 7). A widow cannot effect a property row between dependents of a rich man if the rich man did not leave behind a clearly written will (Kiriakos, Marie, and Tienari 2017 p. 268). This may cause a lot of conflict and friction among the family members remaining behind (Yu-Whattam 2020 p. 7). When lending someone some money, it can either be a gentleman’s agreement or w written agreement (Pfeiffer 2018 p. 70). If the agreement is not put down on paper and one of the parties decide to breach their side of the bargain, it may be difficult to prove if there was any agreement between the two parties in future (Liu 2018 p. 90).

Writing in business

Before the start of a business, it is important to write a business plan with projected cash flows, income statement, marketing strategy and trading profit & loss accounts projections for the next 5, 10 or so years (Liu 2018 p. 90). Relational writing is when people can connect with whatever one is writing about (Pfeiffer 2018 p. 70).

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